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Expedite IPTV

Expedite TV is an IPTV service with over 800 satellite channels. There are dozens of premium channels from the USA and plenty of international channels as well.

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Expedite IPTV
Expedite TV is an IPTV service with over 800 satellite channels. There are dozens of premium channels from the USA and plenty of international channels as well.
Expedite IPTV Expedite IPTV Expedite IPTV Expedite IPTV

Pricing Table

Below is a list of basic services, please contact us for more details.

$70 / Year
  • IPTV Free Trial (24 Hours)
  • Full Format
  • 7300 Channels
  • 9600 VOD
  • Contact Online and Skype
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$45 / Year
  • Trial version for customers
  • Full Format
  • 7300 Channels
  • 9600 VOD
  • $200 to start your business
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$2 / connection
  • Trial Free 10 connection/channels (4 Day)
  • Full Format
  • 5000 Channels
  • 8000 VOD
  • You Need have a Server $50 for (10 connection) to start your business
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Expedite TV IPTV

Expedite TV IPTV Overview

With the reliability and stability of channels, Expedite TV has become one of the best service providers for years when owning thousand of international channels and VOD. In addition, it also allows users to use multiconnections at the same time. Especially, it offers the various subscription plans with reasonable price.

What Is Expedite TV IPTV?

Expedite TV IPTV is a cutting cord service provider. Moreover, it also made impressions on users when offering up to 12000 channels with the various content such as news, sport, entertainment. Also, it owns 25000 VOD including many tv series, TV shows, movies  from many countries. Additionally, it allows user to use many devices at the same time with affordable price. That is why Expedite TV should not be missed.

Features of Expedite TV IPTV

Some outstanding points of Expedite TV is shown in more details.


The price which Expedite TV offers is impressive. Unlike other providers, it has the free trial for users to test the trial, and the trial will last 24 hours. After using the trial, the users can make a decision to subscribe. Especially, it has many subscription plans which is suitable with the different demands of customers. The first package is for 1 connection. The monthly plan costs $10. Besides, it has  3 month, 6 month, 1 year, and 2 year plans whose price is $21, $40, $70, and $ 120 respectively.

Compared to other providers, the price is  really reasonable because the user can access the huge number of channels and VOD. Also, Expedite TV IPTV has option for multiconnections which allows customers to use many devices at the same time. You can refer the price for 2 or 3 connections inthe following table.

 2 connections3 connections
1 month1827
3 months37.856.7
6 months72108
1 year126189
2 years216324

Channel package

The channel package of Expedite TV is various when it offers about 12000 channels. In addition, most channels also have high resolutions such as HD and FHD. The channels inludes sport, entertainment, and news from many countries in the word. Therefore, users can easily follow their favorite programs suchas the football matches between big clubs in the world, so on. Moreover, it also owns 25000 Video on demands including TV serries, TV shows, and movies. Especially, VOD is also updated regularly, which ensures to meet the demands of customers.

Device Compatibility

An outstanding point of Expedite TV IPTV is compatibility because it supports many different devices  such as Firestick, Android, Smart TV, smart phone, IOS, Mag, and so on.

How To Add Your Favorite Channel In Expedite TV IPTV

Unlike many providers, Expedite IPTV allows users to create their favorite channel list. There are some steps to do this.
Step 1:  To add your favorite channels, the first thing you need to do is sign up  for Expedite TV service

Step 2: After signing up, you can open Expedite TV. Then, the menu will appear so that you can choose the channels.

Step 3: Then, the list of the channels will show, and you can highlight the list of channels you want to add as your favorite one

Step 4: You can choose your favorite channels. From your remote control, you can tap on the arrow-down button, a menu will pop-up. Click on favorites.

Step 5: After you have chosen the favorite list of channels, the highlighted channels will have the heart icon checked. You can double-click on the back button to return to the home menu. To access your favorite channels, you can click on the menu and select the favorite channel list.


Expedite TV IPTV deserves being  one of the most ideal providers for most devices. Moreover, its price is also really reasonable. The user only  pays $10 to accecss the huge content with over 12000 channels and 25000 VODs. Especially, Expedite TV also have the multiconnection option for customers who want to use many different devices at the same time. In addition, it also has 24/7 support which is alway ready to help customers deal with the problem during the time they use the service. It is certain that Expedite will bring you the unforgettable experience.

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